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Patek Philippe Nautilus Power Reserve 3710

Patek Philippe Nautilus
© Patek Philippe

The Nautilus Power Reserve Ref. 3710/1A is a sports watch by Patek Philippe, introduced in 1998 and retired before 2006 with no direct replacement.

This is the classic Nautilus model with a power reserve indicator added from the first generation of the Nautilus family.


Like the rest of the Patek Philippe Nautilus family, Ref. 3710 has the well-known integrated and water-tight “porthole” case penned by Gérald Genta.

When it appeared in 1998, the “power reserve” Nautilus 3710 was the first new Nautilus model since the 1981 introduction of the mid-sized 3800. The main difference between this and the original Nautilus was the addition of a power reserve indicator inside the 11 00 position on the dial. This watch uses the in-house Cal. 330 SC rather than the Jaeger-LeCoultre ebauche found in the original Nautilus.

Patek Philippe refreshed the entire Nautilus line in 2006 but did not replace this Ref. 3710 directly. Ref. 3710 was only produced in stainless steel with a black dial.


  • 3710/1A




  • Black



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