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Paul Picot

Paul Picot is a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Founded in 1976 by Italian Mario Boiocchi, Paul Picot produces mid-range luxury watches mainly with new old stock or remanufactured classic movements.


  • Atelier - Complicated and high-end watches
  • Les Connaisseurs
  • Firshire - Classic round and tonneau watches
  • Gentleman - Large dress watches for men
  • Majestic - Combination of traditional and contemporary styling with complications
  • Technicum - Complicated highly-styled watches
  • Technograph - Superimposed chronograph dials
  • C-Type - Sports watches (also A-Type and B-Type)


Société des Montres Paul Picot SA
Rue du Doubs 6
CH–2340 Le Noirmont
Tel. +41 32 911 18 18
Fax +41 32 911 18 19

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