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Saarland Clock Museum

At the Saarland Clock Museum (Saarländisches Uhrenmuseum) the development of timekeeping from ancient to the present times is shown elementary clocks provide an overview of the methods of measuring time before the invention of the mechanical clock, watches of different style and eras illustrate the development of watch technology in the quest for higher accuracy, tower clocks refer to the 700 years of history of great craftsmanship, and the historic watchmaker's workshop gives an insight into the ancient craft of watchmaking.


Freundeskreis alter Uhrmacherkunst e. V.

“Uhrmachers Haus”
Engelfangerstr. 3

66346 Püttlingen/Köllerbach
E-Mail info[at]

Information and pre-registration
Kulturamt der Stadt Püttlingen
Tel. (0 68 98) 6 91-1 78
Fax (0 68 98) 6 91-1 76
We. + Su. 15-18 h
Other appointments upon agreement

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