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Sothis is a German watch manufacturer.

Founded in 1996 by Wolfgang Steinkrüger, this watch manufacturer offers models in which astronomical motifs define the appearance. After careful considerations Steinkrüger decided to give up his actual profession as an advertising and product designer in his own Bielefeld advertising agency to devote himself fully and completely to the design and production of high-quality, limited mechanical watches.

The chronograph “Spirit of Moon” became well-known. 10 years later the collection already consisted of 13 models. Some of the models developed since 1997 have reached their limitation and are already sold.


Sothis Fine Watches GmbH
Neustädter Straße 20
D-33602 Bielefeld

Fon +49 521-521 45 00
Fax +49 521-521 45 01

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