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Staatliche Feintechnikschule Schwenningen

The Staatliche Feintechnikschule Schwenningen (State College for Precision Mechanics, Watchmaking and Electromechanics) was founded on 1 Mai 1900 as Königlich württembergische Fachschule für Feinmechanik, Elektromechanik and Uhrmacherei (Royal Württemberg College for Precision Mechanics, Electro-Mechanics and Watchmaking). Today, the school is under the auspices of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

To the Feintechnikschule belongs the three-year vocational school, where a vocational training as a precision mechanic, electronics technician or watchmaker can be acquired, a technical school for precision engineering/mechatronics and information technology, a school for master foreman/metal and for master watchmaker, and also a vocational school for information and communications technology.

Many great entrepreneurs have visited the State College.


Staatliche Feintechnikschule with Technischem Gymnasium
Rietenstraße 9

78054 VS-Schwenningen

Tel. 07720/8334-0
Fax 07720/8334-149

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