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Temption Classic

Temption Classic

Temption Classic Rückseite

The Classic is an automatic chronograph by Temption.

In his series of modern, well-readable watches, manufactured in the highest production quality, the company owner Klaus Ulbrich offers with this model the style “Pure Chronograph” Everything about this watch serves its function, subordinates itself, but just in this way also an object of a certain character and charm is created. No object of prestige and facade, but a handcrafted product, which strives for the best possible response to the request of a good watch and through this draws its specific aesthetic.

The fact that the company logo of this watch is black against black background, is an essential part of a corporate philosophy that uncompromisingly puts being over sham.

The cabochon insets in pushers and crown are made from the gemstone onyx.




  • Chronograph, date, day of week


  • Hands optional in white, blue or red



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