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Waltham Fidalgo (click to enlarge!)
Waltham Fidalgo
© Waltham

Waltham is a Swiss watch brand.

In 1850 David Davis, Edward Howard and Aaron Lufkin Dennison founded the “American Horology Company” in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 1854 the company relocated to Waltham, Massachusetts.

Within 100 years, the Waltham Watch Company manufactured approximately 40 million wristwatches, grandfather clocks, wall clocks, tachometers, compasses, timers, and other precision instruments of the highest quality in the U.S.

1954 Switzerland is chosen as the headquarters of Waltham International SA. Today's product line includes high-end mechanical men's and women's models, as well as a pocket watch line.


Waltham International SA
Avenue des Champs-Montants 16b
Case postale 432
CH-2074 Marin-Epagnier

Tel. (++41) 032 756 66 26
Fax (++41) 032 756 66 16

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