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Wuppertal Watch Museum

The private watch museum of the watchmaker and goldsmith family Abeler in Wuppertal, Germany, shows around 2000 exhibits relating to approximately 5,000 years of development of timekeeping and watchmaking technology. Here, the development of the sundials of the ancient Egyptians to the atomic clocks of the presence can be studied and learned a lot about the technical and cultural history of mankind.

The museum is the culmination of the collecting passion of Georg Abeler, who opened it in 1958 to the public, to give everybody a detailed insight into the world of time measurement. It all began with the auction of an old English grandfather clock in the year 1955. One watch soon became hundreds, and today the museum is considered as one of the widest in its class worldwide. It was seen by over one million visitors from around the world.

Today Jürgen Abeler is head of the museum.


Wuppertaler Uhrenmuseum
Poststraße 11

42103 Wuppertal (Elberfeld)
Tel: 0202 - 49 399-0 + -24
Fax: 0202 - 49 399 59

Opening hours

Sa 11-14 h
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Tours by appointment

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