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Xemex Avenue Petite Seconde

Xemex Avenue Petite Seconde

Xemex Avenue Petite Seconde is a wristwatch by Xemex with self-winding movement.

The expressive, quadratic case of the Avenue series has been refined again at the Petite Seconde by Ruedi Külling, whereby the noble radiance of this watch comes to its best advantage. Four flexible lug bridges connect the case in stainless steel with a black leather strap in crocodile look. They act as a natural extension of the square, which makes the watch even more elegant. Thanks to its adjustable angle, the lugs fit perfectly. Thus, the black leather strap exactly envelopes the wrist and offers the viewer a look at a designer piece in its most consistent form.

  The legibility of the Avenue Petite Seconde is characterized by the elemental, very stylishly designed dial. The indexes in the form of small black rectangles seem to hover above the white dial, which is polished to a high gloss. Their arrangement and contour support and complete the case shape. Skeletonized hours and minutes hand and the date originate from the counterpart of the square designs the circular seconds dial. The importance of the small second is illustrated by the perfect integration of all display functions in this second dial.

In a sweeping gesture the square bezel of the characteristic “Petite Seconde” provides enough space so that it can unfold prominently on the dial. In this way, the harmonious combination of geometric shapes result in a wonderful effect. In contrast to the white dial the small second is in silver, so that this minimum contrast on the dial can not only be distinguished in form but also in color and underline the balanced dynamics of this watch.


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