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2006 Piaget Polo Chronograph

Polo is a luxury sports watch produced by Piaget since the 1970s.


Piaget produced a watch known as "Polo" at least since the 1970s. It was part of the brand's strategy to court upscale buyers with a sports model befitting "the most expensive watches in the world" as the company's slogan then went. Due to extremely limited sales and production of high-end watches, this was more of a custom model than a production brand.

In 1978, Piaget created a line of luxury watches known officially as the Polo. These featured distinctive lateral "ribbed" styling that continued from the bracelet across the bezel and dial. This style was so successful that it was quickly copied by many other brands, including Concord and many others. The model was discontinued after 1988, when Cartier purchased Piaget.

The original Polo was an advanced watch for the time in many ways. It was the first "bracelet watch", with a completely integrated bracelet and case. It also used the Cal. 7P, one of the thinnest and most advanced movements of its day. It allowed the hour hand to be adjusted separately from the minute hand, perfect for travelers. A perpetual calendar version was added in 1986 using Piaget's excellent Cal. 30P.

In the 1990s, Polo models appeared that eschewed the lateral ribs, using a chain-link bracelet instead. This would become the Polo's key styling element. Though these models used the Polo name, they are not typically included in the model's chronology. One such model was the Polo Key Largo a white gold automatic chronograph with a rotating bezel.

A new Piaget Polo model was created in 2001. It returned to the original look of the model, regaining the lateral ribs across the bezel but using a clean dial. Once again, the bracelet is integrated with the case, though there is more of a cut-line between them than previous models. Men's models used the automatic Cal 504P with central seconds and date at 6:00 while ladies models used the time-only quartz Cal. 604P.

A new Piaget Polo Chronograph was released in 2007 featuring the manufacture Cal. 880P. An exclusive Polo Tourbillon Relatif model appeared the year earlier.

The steel and titanium Polo Forty Five debuted in 2008 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Polo model. It was the first Piaget watch since the 2001 Upstream to include steel in its case construction, and only the second model ever.

In 2016, the Polo moved away from the lateral lines again. The new Piaget Polo S has a bezel shape and overall look very similar to the Patek Philippe Aquanaut. Since the original Polo was meant to compete with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, it would be appropriate to move the model to compete with the other upscale sports watch. It is all steel like the Royal Oak, a major departure for the brand, and was intended to compete with those models. A chronograph model was also produced.