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Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition (click to enlarge!)
Apple Watch Edition
© Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition is a watch line in the smartwatch series of Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Edition is identical to the Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of technology and software, but offers a more upscale feel with different displays and more elaborate materials for the straps. Hence the higher price.

Like the other Apple Watch models, these watches also have a processor chip whose WatchOS operating system provides a lush amount of software functions (→ Apple Watch > Operating System).

Technical features: same as Apple Watch Series 7


Bracelet (customizable):

  • Leather strap with end piece made of handmade Roux Granada leather, with integrated magnets - in different colors.
  • Solo Loop made of soft and stretchable silicone - in different colors
  • Braided Solo Loop made of recycled yarn with interwoven silicone fibers for a stretchy design - in different colors
  • Sport Loop made of a soft and breathable nylon fabric with two layers; with velcro closure - in different colors


  • 41 mm: ab 879 €
  • 45 mm: ab 929 € (as of 2021)
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