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Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 (click to enlarge!)
Apple Watch Series 7
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Apple Watch is a sub-brand of the world-renowned computer company Apple and the market leader in smartwatches.

The Apple Watch was launched 2015 amid great interest from a broad audience accustomed to having the highest expectations due to the fame of the iPhone, but it proved to be a disappointment at the beginning. The company was not discouraged, however, and worked single-mindedly and unswervingly to improve this watch concept in the years that followed. In the meantime, this type of watch has become widely accepted in the field of electronic watches. Even compared to the sales figures of vendors of all other types of watches, Apple is now the world's largest watch manufacturer because of the Apple Watch.

Particularly the connectivity with other electronic devices such as smartphone and via GPS, LTE, UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth with other applications proves to be the strength of this type of watch. Competition with the classic mechanical watch is no longer an issue, because both concepts have their justification and are not in direct competition with each other, as expected at the beginning.


Operating system

Apple's watchOS provides a lush amount of software features based on a powerful integrated processor, a high memory capacity of several GigaBytes and the WatchOS operating system.

  • Current operating system: WatchOS81)
For Apple Watch Series 3-7 and Apple Watch SE.
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