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Ashley's rose gold, Mandarin Granate
7.10 ct.
© Ashleys

Ashleys is a watch shop in Munich/Germany.

The owner of the shop is Ashley Pace, son of the first wife of the well-known bavarian watch entrepreneur and watch author Martin Huber. He has for long been a managing director at Uhren Huber and continues the watch enthusiasm of the family in fifth generation by independently leading a luxury watch store in central Munich between Hofbräuhaus and Maximilianstraße.

Ashley Pace has also created an own watch line that consists of luxury ladies watches. The watches are equipped with mechanical movements.



Ashley's - Fine Watches and Jewellery
Am Kosttor 1
Ecke Maximilianstr. 18
D-80331 München
Tel. +49 89 - 24 24 36 46
Fax +49 89 - 24 24 36 47

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