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Astronomical watch

The astronomical wristwatch
Astraios SPB by Martin Braun shows, beneath usual displays, also the sunrise and sunset time and earth's orbit
© Martin Braun

An astronomical watch is a mechanical clock or watch, which, in addition to the time, indicates also astronomical matters such as moon phases, the sun position or the positions of the major planets. These types of watches were built since about the 14th century.

Astronomical clocks

Well-known astronomical watches can be found for example in Ulm, Tübingen, Prague, Strasbourg and Besancon as well as in many other Central European cities.

Astronomical watch

Martin Braun is an example of a watch manufacturer who has specialized in the astronomical wristwatch.

Astrological watches

Some extremely complicated watches feature astrological timekeeping. The IWC Portugieser Sidérale Scafusia, for example, tracks the position of over 500 stars and associated constellations.

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