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Bavarian School of Watchmaking

Bavarian School of Watchmaking (Bayerische Uhrmacherschule)

The vocational school for apprentices in the craft of watchmaking from Bavaria, Hesse and also partly from Thuringia is located in Würzburg in the Franz Oberthür School.

The training for watchmakers takes 3 years, with most of the training taking place in the factories. For 10 to 12 weeks per year of education, the apprentices get to the block instruction to Würzburg. The training ends with the final examination.

For the practical lessons, the school has a separate, fully equipped watchmaking workshop. Here various rehearsal pieces and tools are made in the course and the students are working on different movements of big and small clocks or watches.

Further education

The training for masters is conducted at the Bavarian Master School (Bayerische Meisterschule), which is also located in the Franz-Oberthür School.


Städtisches Berufsbildungszentrum I Würzburg
Zwerchgraben 2

97074 Würzburg

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