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Bedat & Co

Bedat & Co is a Swiss watch brand.


This watch brand based in Geneva is specialized on women's collections. It is founded on 8 October 1996 by Christian Bédat and his mother Simone Bédat.

The first models N°3 and N°7 are presented with success at the Baselworld 1997. The brand sees itself as a pioneer in the use of diamond decors in stainless steel housings.

Change of owner

In 2000 the renowned manufacturer of luxury accessories for women Gucci takes over the majority of the shares first with 85%, and later the full shares. In 2006 the founders quit due to discrepancies. In 2009 the company is sold to the Malaysian group of companies LuxuryConcepts Watches & Jewelry.



45 rue Agasse
P.O. Box 126
CH-1211 Geneva 17

Tel +41 22 718 01 88
Fax +41 22 718 01 80

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