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DuBois et fils

DuBois DBF001-02 (click to enlarge!)
DuBois DBF001-02
© DuBois

Swiss watchmaker

Under the brand name DuBois et fils, the oldest watch factory in Switzerland (founded in 1785) produces mechanical luxury watches in a very limited edition. Based in Basel and Le Locle, the company breaks new ground in the tension between tradition and innovation (for example first crowdinvesting in the luxury watch area, launch of “Rent Your Luxury Watch”).


The history of the founding family dates back to the 18th century. First as successful textile entrepreneurs, then as pioneers in watch making, the DuBois family built up their name and reputation reaching far beyond Swiss borders.


  • 1743 Moïse DuBois begins trade in pocket watches.
  • 1751 Moïse DuBois begins to produce watches.
  • 1760 Moïs' children, Philippe und Isabeau, take over the company, which is then renamed “Philippe DuBois & Soeur”.
  • 1785 Philippe's sons join the company, which is then renamed to “Philippe DuBois & Fils”.
  • 1804 DuBois et fils starts distribution in the USA.
  • 1910 DuBois et fils begins to produce wrist watches.
  • 1950 The decision to focus on limited edition watches is made.
  • 2010 Thomas Steinemann becomes the new owner of “Philippe DuBois & Fils SA”. Repositioning of the brand and development of an innovative marketing and sales concept.
  • 2012 Launch of crowdinvesting campaign through the company's own website.
  • 2013 Successful closing of the crowdinvestment. 587 people from 21 countries invest 1.5 million Swiss francs on shares of DuBois et fils.
  • 2015 230th anniversary and launch of the anniversary watch model “Montre Anniversaire 230 ans”.
  • 2016 Launch of “Rent Your Luxury Watch”.


All watch models of the highly limited editions of DuBois et fils are limited to a maximum of 99 pieces per design - worldwide. A simple, minimalist design, high precision and processing precious materials characterize the timepiece of DuBois et fils. The personal limited edition number gives the watch its unmistakable signature.

DuBois DBF004-02 (click to enlarge!)
DuBois DBF004-02
© DuBois



In 2013, DuBois gained international notoriety as the first luxury brand ever to pitch a successful, innovative, equity-based crowdinvesting project. Five months after the initial public offering on the company's website, 587 private investors from 21 countries joined the bandwagon investing 1.5 million Swiss francs on shares of DuBois et fils stocks. To date, the DuBois et fils community has grown to over 900 innovation and watch enthusiasts from 31 countries.

Paperless shareholder relationship

The company maintains a fully paperless shareholder relationship with its investors. The Internet plays a central role and is a cornerstone of communication in today's modern world. In a section of the website exclusive to shareholders, investors are timely, transparently and regularly informed on all current aspects of business of DuBois et fils.

New approach in retail

Consumer buying behaviour has changed markedly in recent years. DuBois et fils has responded to the challenges ahead. The online brand store impresses with its innovative approach, bringing together online and offline sales, uniting the real world with the virtual world.

Rent Your Luxury Watch

DuBois et fils is the first watch brand worldwide to present the concept of “Rent your luxury watch”. This exceptional merchandising concept gives interested parties exclusive access to the highly limited watch collection of a traditional company without making a significant financial commitment.


Philippe DuBois et fils SA
Hirzbodenweg 95
CH-4052 Basel

T +41 61 266 1785
F +41 61 266 1789

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