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G&F Châtelain

Manufacture G&F Châtelain is a jewelry and watch component producer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and now owned by Chanel.


The Châtelain family became involved with watch production in 1936, focusing on clasp and case polishing. The company was restarted after World War II, launching as G&F Châtelain SA in 1947 and growing to include jewelry and high-end watch case production. In 1963, Francis Châtelain invests in metal stamping company Sandoz & Co., which is absorbed into G&F Châtelain in 1993. By the 1990s, G&F Châtelain was actively involved in many aspects of watch and jewelry finishing.

Chanel purchased G&F Châtelain in 1993, leveraging the company for production of their watches. G&F Châtelain and Chanel began producing ceramic watch cases and components in 2006, and this is now a specialty of the company. Today, G&F Châtelain produces and finishes watches for Chanel and Bell & Ross.

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