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GP 3000

Calibre GP 3200 (click to enlarge!)
Calibre GP 3200

Calibre GP 3300 (click to enlarge!)
Calibre GP 3300

Extra-flat calibre

In 1994 Girard-Perregaux introduces the 3000 family of ultra-thin self-winding movements. They are available in two calibres 10“'1/2 (23.30 mm) and 11”'1/2 (25.60 mm). The height varies depending on the version. These two powerful and reliable calibres also serve as a base for various complications of Girard-Perregaux.

  • GP 3000, Ø 10“'1/2, height 2.98 mm
  • GP 3100, Ø 11”'1/2, height 2.98 mm
  • GP 3200, Ø 10“'1/2, height 3.28 mm
  • GP 3300, Ø 11”'1/2, height 3.28 mm

Ball bearings in ceramic

Since its introduction, ball bearings are a weak point of the self-winding movements. Particularly at the lubrication of steel ball bearings, numerous problems can arise

  • The oil could stick together during prolonged storage. Oil ages, so the ball bearings must be lubricated anew regularly.
  • The aging process and wear of the bearings is accelerated by a lack of lubrication.
  • Particle production can lead to contamination of the movement.
  • Risk of corrosion on contact between the bearing and balls.

To prevent these problems, Girard-Perregaux, in collaboration with a supplier, has developed ceramic ball bearings, which eliminate any lubrication and increase the efficiency of the movement.

Ebauche Variants

Vacheron Constantin also used this movement as their Cal. 1310 (GP 3100) and 1311 (GP 3200).

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