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Jean Marcel

Jean Marcel Chronograph "JM Havanna" (click to enlarge!)
Jean Marcel Chronograph “JM Havanna”
© Jean Marcel

Jean Marcel is a German watch brand.

The roots of the brand go back to the Gengenbach company from the gold town of Pforzheim, which was already producing wristwatches in the 1920s. Since the 1980s, the current owner Jürgen Kuhn has been steering the company. His son Marcel Kuhn has been responsible for national and international sales since September 2016.

Wristwatches and pocket watches are produced both in Baden-Baden and in Biel in Switzerland. The models are mostly powered by ETA mechanical movements.

Meanwhile, they specialize in flat watches and produce some of the flattest automatic watches on the market. Another focus is the pursuit of a particularly favorable price-performance ratio.


Jean Marcel Montres GmbH
Hauptstr. 134
75217 Birkenfeld
Tel. 07231/769 3131
Fax 07231/769 3133

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