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 +====== Jones, Florentine Ariosto ======
 +{{wst>image_r|Jones,_Florentine_Ariosto|Florentine Ariosto Jones\\ © Public domain }}
 +**Florentine Ariosto Jones** (15 Feb. [[1841]] - 18 Oct. [[1916]]) was a US-American engineer and entrepreneur. Together with Charles Lewis Kidder in [[1868]] he founded the International Watch Company ([[IWC]]) in [[Schaffhausen]].
 +The [[manufactory]] on the Rhine - far away from the watch centers of western Switzerland - owes its name and existence to this American. He found there, not far from the famous Rhine Falls, a newly built hydroelectric power plant for his machines and thus ideal conditions for his passion to build perfect mechanical movements for an international market.
 +{{tag>Biographies IWC}}
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