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Josmar Watch SA was a Swiss watch company founded in 1917 under the name J. Kocher & Schluep and later Kocher Frères & Co. It was acquired by Zeno in the 1970s.


J. Kocher & Schluep was founded in Bettlach in 1917. The company produced Swiss lever watches exclusively until 1937 when the firm re-focused on lower-priced Roskopf watches. By this time the firm was operating as Kocher Frères & Co but sold watches under the name, Josmar. The firm was reorganized in 1945 under the leadership of Hans Bader and Hans Kocher as Josmar Watch Ltd.

Throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, the firm sold mass-market Roskopf watches under the Josmar brand. The company was eventually acquired by Zeno Watch.

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