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Sector 890 Automatic Chronograph (click to enlarge!)
Sector 890 Automatic Chronograph
© Sector

Italian watch manufacturer


As early as 1973 this sports watch brand, which was owned by the Sector Group SA, was founded, but only in the 1980 years it has gained a greater level of awareness through its aggressive and very masculine models, first appearing in Italy, then also in other countries.

Sector "No Limits"

Through its campaign No Limits the brand scored an unheard of reputation and a resounding attention success. The style can only be described as a textbook example of perfect marketing. One only cooperated with extreme extreme sportsmen, which were active in the most adventurous and daring disciplines such as free climbing, parachuting from extreme situations, apnea-record diving, solo crossings of the Atlantic and other solo extreme sports, which go beyond anything previously known. These advertising media were then connected both with the brand and the slogan No Limits. All this in turn corresponded perfectly to the image of watches that were designed in a distinctive and striking design.

Most models by Sector have ETA quartz movements, at a higher price range there are also models with mechanical movements by ETA with automatic winding.

Under the roof of the Morellato Group

In 2001 the investment group Opera, belonging by the majority to the Bulgari Group, took over the Sector Group SA. In October 2006 followed the 100% takeover of the sector group by the Morellato Group, the largest Italian group for watches and jewelry. Since then this is called Morellato & Sector SpA.


Sector Group SA Orologi
Via Molinazzo 2
CH-6900 Lugano

Tel. +91 / 985 26 26
Fax +91 / 985 26 36

Morellato & Sector SpA
Via Commerciale 29
I-35010 Fratte di S. Giustina in Colle (PD), ITALIA
Tel. +39 049 9323777
Fax +39 049 9323888

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