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Martin Braun EOS LX

Martin Braun EOS LX W RG
© Martin Braun

Martin Braun EOS LX B
© Martin Braun

Martin Braun EOS LX W
© Martin Braun

EOS LX is a wristwatch by Martin Braun.

Astronomical watch by Martin Braun with automatic winding, which can display the sunrise and sunset times. In addition, the LX model has an integrated service display, which runs four years. After this time, the indicator dot is red and thus displays that it is time for a service.

For a correct display of astronomical functions each watch is individually adjusted to the place specified by the buyer. This watch is delivered, as usual for Martin Braun, in several versions, which distinguish especially through the dial and the housing material. On the left side there is a dial indicator for the sunrise periods, on the right for the sunset times. Since it is a astronomical display, daylight saving time is not considered.




  • Three-coated in black or white



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