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Meistersinger is a German watch manufacturer.

Meistersinger Nº01 - 40mm (click to enlarge!)
Meistersinger Nº01 - 40mm
© Meistersinger

With their one-hand watch, this German brand, founded by Manfred Brassler in Münster, has conquered its very own market niche. The basic idea is to slow down everyday life, conveyed here by limiting the time display to the essentials. The mechanics of the watches are based on modified movements by ETA and Unitas.

2001 the first two model series were presented at the Baselworld No. 01 (one-hand watch) and Scrypto automatic (three-hand watch with date). There is now an extensive collection that includes, in addition to bare one-hand watches, one-hand watches with additional functions and three-hand watches.


MeisterSinger GmbH & Co.KG
Postfach 55 23
D-48030 Münster

Hafenweg 46
D-48155 Münster

Telefon + 49 (0) 25 1/13 34 86-0
Telefax + 49 (0) 25 1/13 34 86-10

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