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Omega Megaquartz

Megaquartz is a pioneering family of quartz movements from Omega.

Megaquartz 2400, Cal. 1500

Megaquartz 2400 movements were characterized by their very high frequency 2.4 MHz oscillation rate, which is much higher than the now-typical rate of 32 KHz. These movements were produced in the 1970's, but have since been discontinued and replaced by more pedestrian second- and third-generation quartz movements. These movements were not thermocompensated.

Alongside the introduction of the Beta 21 at the Basel Fair in 1970, Omega also showed their own in-house quartz movement. Then still under development, the calibre 1500 family, known as Megaquartz, ran at 2.4 MHz rather than the 8 MHz of the calibre 1300 Beta family of movements. The early calibre 1500 used two batteries to meet the needs of the power-hungry movement, earning it the nicknames “elephant” and “Mickey Mouse” due to the dual battery compartments on the back. Perhaps 5 Cal. 1500 movements were produced.

They introduced the Megaquartz calibres 1510 and 1515 into production in 1973, following up with certified chronograph calibres 1511 and 1516 in 1974. The most common Megaquartz is calibre 1516, though all four production movements share most parts. Total production of Megaquartz movements was approximately 10,000. The movement was shared with Audemars Piguet, who sold it as their calibre AP 2510.


Megaquartz 32, Cal. 1300

The more-common Megaquartz 32 line was accurate to just 5 seconds per month. It used an oscillation rate of 32 KHz and was Omega's production version of the CEH Beta 21 movement.

4.2 MHz

Omega also produced an experimental 4.2 MHz movement, perhaps called calibre 1522. Just two examples of this movements are known.

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