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Protected Logo/trademark

Pierce is a Swiss watch manufacturer.

The watch company Pierce was founded in 1883 in Biel (Switzerland) by Leon Levy and his brothers under the name Léon Lévy Frères Manufactures des Montres et Chronographes Pierce SA. In 1910 they already employed 1,500 employees - when at the same time approximately 24,000 inhabitants lived in Biel.

From the 1930s Pierce produced in series the first self-developed calibre. The Royal Air Force awarded the contract for the development and construction of the pilot's watch Flight Calendar. In 1956 Pierce presents the mechanical alarm wristwatch Duofon. The name refers to its ability to deliver the alarm signal in two volumes, loud or silent. A window in the dial indicates the selected setting.

Because of their reliability and robustness the watches of the brand with the well-known logo, the Greek “Pi”, enjoy a good reputation.

Even during the quartz crisis in 1970, the company remains faithful to the principle of the purely mechanical watch and sees no need for a change.

The temporarily shut brand has been revived in 2005. The current models can be described as low-priced. They are named Arabesque, Observer, Commander, Air Command, Calendar Flight and Ocean Drive. Their design is inspired by the well-known historical models of the brand. Today still Swiss movements are used, while the final assembly and regulation of the watches takes place in Germany.


Pierce 1883 Repräsentanzkontor Europe
Demminer Str. 23
D-17159 Dargun
Tel. (+49) 039959-173-00

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