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Porsche Design by IWC Ocean 2000

Porsche Design by IWC Ocean 2000
© Porsche Design

Dive watch by Porsche Design/IWC

In the early eighties, the cooperation between the designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and IWC on behalf of the German Navy led to the production of the dive watch Ocean. As military model, it was a completely anti-magnetic mission timer for mine clearance divers. The civilian version was named Ocean 2000 or Ocean 500, and today it is because of its perfect form, that it has become a gatherer myth.

The names Ocean 500 or Ocean 2000 signal the water resistance to a depth of 500 or 2,000 meters respectively.


  • 3503, Ocean 500
  • 3504, Ocean 2000
  • 3519 Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces)



  • Ø 42 mm, height 10.5 mm (Ocean 500 diameter 34 mm, height 8.5 mm)
  • Unique sealing system between glass and case
  • Screw-in crown with 3 pressure-limiting devices
  • Spherical grinded sapphire crystal with a thickness of 3.7 mm
  • Waterproof to 2,000 m (Ocean 500 to 500 m)




Production period:

  • 1984 to 1998

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