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Renley Watch Manufacturing

Free Town Watch Products (formerly Renley Watch Manufacturing) is a Hong Kong-based watch manufacturing and marketing company best known for the Jean d'Eve, Sultana, and Temporis brands.


Renley Watch Manufacturing was formed in 1983 by Hong Kong businessman, Stanley Lau. The company acted as a private label manufacturer and assembler of watches using Swiss movements in Hong Kong until acquiring Le Phare-Sultana SA of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Buler Quartz SA of Lengnau in 1991. This allowed the company to produce Swiss Made watches for clients as well as under the brands, Buler, Jean d'Eve, Le Phare, Sultana, and Temporis. Some markets also used the Renley name as a brand.

By the 2000s, the company was transformed with the Swiss manufacturing slowly winding down and other Lau family members taking over. By 2002 the company was renamed Free Town Watch Products and launched new products under the Temporis, Jean d'Eve, and Sultana brands. These were promoted and pushed until 2017, when activity seems to have halted.

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