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S.U.F Helsinki

S.U.F Helsinki Myrsky MY-E (click to enlarge!)
S.U.F Helsinki Myrsky MY-E
© S.U.F Helsinki

S.U.F Helsinki is a Finish watch brand.

In 2004, Stepan Sarpaneva founded a watch brand named SarpanevaUhrenFabrik, or S.U.F Helsinki. This Finnish watch brand represents the grit and determination known as “sisu” in the local language, which is characteristic of the Finnish people and is said to come from the long, bleak winters and traditionally limited resources of Finland.

Stepan calls it a workmanlike alternative to his finely crafted, nouveau-Gothic Sarpaneva timepieces. Thus, the S.U.F watches are inspired by Finnish icons, pioneers and history, such as the legendary WWII submarine Vetehinen and famous motorcyclist Jarno “Paroni” Saarinen. They are produced in slightly larger quantities and varieties than those under his namesake, as well as being more affordable.

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