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Table clock

A table clock is a special watch type.

Many of the early mechanical clocks hung on walls or were standing on wooden boxes in which the weights wound down. In the 15th century the first spring-driven table clocks arose, which - as the name suggests - found their place on tables or other furniture. Characteristic of the 16th and 17th century was the tower clock with costly decorated case, often in gilded bronze and mostly standing on metal bases or black painted wood. To this time of the early Baroque belonged also the figure clocks, where artfully crafted figurines such as animals, wagons and ships were playfully connected to movements and repetitions. Augsburg, Germany, remained leader in the production of puppet and automaton clocks until the 18th century.

The table clock is still preserved and is produced in numerous variations. Nowadays, it is often less about technology than about design. Therefore, modern table clocks are often brought on the market with quartz movements. The most famous classic of the table clocks is the Atmos made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which draws its driving force only from the change in air pressure and air temperature.

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