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Vulcain Nautical

Vulcain Nautical

Vulcain Nautical

Vulcain Nautical

Vulcain Nautical is a dive watch with alarm function by Vulcain.

The model Vulcain Nautical is the new edition of the legendary Vulcain Cricket Nautical, a model which succeeded for the first time to complete the necessary functions of a watch for the divers by an integrated alarm function. Responsible for the construction of this timepiece were such famous divers as Hannes Keller, the underwater filmmaker Max-Yves Brandily and diving instructor Arthur Droz. They wanted a dive watch that could remember the end of the dive time independently. In addition a display of the necessary decompression periods in the various decompression stages was desired. Both functions should make diving safer and give the diver the opportunity to enjoy his dive carefree. With the Vulcain Cricket Nautical these wishes were realized together in a watch.

Hannes Keller performed the practical test of the watch on 28 June 1961 in Bressago. Keller, a young professor in Zurich, is one of the leading diving experts was worldwide. In Winterthur, he maintained a private institution and dealt with research. He was able to set several deep-sea diving records.

In Bressago Keller used a so-called Heliox mixture and together with the LIFE journalist Kenneth MacLeisch reached the world record depth of 222 meters. Even at this depth he praises the readability of Nautical. But more important was the fact that even at this depth it was easy to hear the alarm of Nautical. He proudly reported his experiences in a letter to Vulcain.

The legendary Nautical of 1961 is still the Vulcain Cricket most sought-after by collectors at all. Therefore, at the presentation of the new Vulcain models also a new Nautical was among them. This stylistically took the original model as template, but is not an exact copy, but has incorporated the developments of recent years.





  • Hours, minutes, seconds, alarm function, decompression schedule


  • Alligator leather strap / metal bracelet / rubber strap

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