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Vulcain Cricket

Cricket is a wristwatch range by Vulcain with alarm function (and also the name of the correspondent movement with alarm function).

When the Le Locle manufacture Vulcain invented the first distinctly audible wristalarm in 1947 and brought it to market, it excited attention with this world premiere. Back then the manufacture movement Cricket (Calibre Vulcain 120) used the natural resonance technique of the cricket By installing a second caseback a resonance membrane was created, which for the first time mechanically generated a very loud and long lasting alarm sound. This led to the name of the watch “Cricket”.

The Vulcain Cricket was also known as “The President's Watch”, because it was worn by many US Presidents - including Truman, Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and Nixon - who appreciated it because of its useful additional complication.

At times, the watch company Revue Thommen continued the tradition of Vulcain and used the movement with alarm function further on. After the company PMH had adopted the rights to Vulcain in 2001, again watches under the original name were produced.

Meanwhile Vulcain again manufactures Cricket models with alarm function, which still have the classic manual winding calibre Cricket V10 or contain advanced successors. Thus, for example, the model Cricket Classic 1951, which is inspired by the original watch.

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