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Vulcain 120

Calibre 120 (and the similar calibres 401 and 402) is an alarm movement from Vulcain produced from 1947 through the 1960's.

Vulcain introduced the Cricket alarm watch in 1947 with much fanfare and the model remains famous today. The original Cricket movement was Cal. 120, a basic movement but innovative because of the alarm function. Like most alarm movements, it features two barrels, one for timekeeping and another for the alarm gong. Cal. 120 was available with wither direct central seconds or small seconds.

Both the alarm and timekeeping barrels are wound by turning the 3 00 crown clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively. A pusher at 2 00 enables and disables the alarm function, and allows the alarm time to be set using the main crown when fully depressed.

Vulcain later re-badged the moment as Cal. 401 and released a Cal. 402 with date function added. A smaller Cal. 406 was introduced in 1958 for ladies alarm watches.




  • 17 jewels
  • 18,000 A/h
  • 28 mm diameter, 5.45 mm height

Production period:

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