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Page templates

The page templates can be used as source material for new pages to be created for the respective categories and already contain the most important headings, outlines and categorizations.

Plugin usage

Plugins are called by {{(Plugin name)>(Parameters: ...)}}
All syntax rules are explained by examples:

Wst plugin

(= Wikimedia-style Template)
The plugin has been modified to also include internal and/or external links. Moreover the functionality of this plugin has been expanded to cover the following variations:


  • {{wst>author|aaa}}
  • {{wst>author|[[aaa]]}}
  • {{wst>author|[[Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke]] ([[|ZEITGEFÜHL]])}}1)
  • {{wst>author|[[Foskett, Stephen|Stephen Foskett]] ([[|Grail Watch]])}}

Brand menue

  • Watch brands
  • {{wst>menue|...}}, image in JPG format
  • {{wst>menue|...|...px}}, JPG, width=…px
  • {{wst>menue_png|...}}, image in PNG format
  • {{wst>menue_png|...|...px}}, PNG, px
  • Movement producers
  • {{wst>menue_mov|...}}
  • {{wst>menue_mov|...|...px}}, px
  • {{wst>menue_mov_png|...}}, PNG
  • {{wst>menue_mov_png|...|...px}}, PNG, px


All Images need a copyright annotation.

  • image_cr / image_cl
    Right/left and with automatical copyright notice (= first parameter, always linked)
  • {{wst>image_cl|Rolex|Submariner Date Stahl Gold}}
  • {{wst>image_cl|Rolex|Submariner Date Stahl Gold|190px}}2)
  • {{wst>image_cl|Rolex|Submariner Date Stahl Gold|Rolex Submariner Date Steel/Gold, [[waterproof]] to 300 m}}3)
  • {{wst>image_cl|A. Lange & Söhne|Richard Lange Pour le Merite|Rolex Submariner Date Steel/Gold, [[waterproof]] to 300 m|190px}}4)
  • image_r / image_l
    Right/left. Copyright notice has to be added manually.
  • {{wst>image_r|Lange L093.1}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Lange L093.1|200px}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Lange L093.1|subtext}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Lange L093.1|subtext|200px}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke\\ © privat}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|[[Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke]]\\ © privat}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke\\ © privat|190px}}5)
  • {{wst>image_r|Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|[[Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke]] und [[aaa|bbb]]}}
  • {{wst>image_r|Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|[[Rolex]] ....[[Reschke, Gerd-Lothar|Gerd-Lothar Reschke]] \\ ....}}


Some templates from the Mediwiki version of the wiki are transfered. The syntax is like this:

  • {{wst>template_omega_speedmaster_timeline}}6)
  • {{wst>template_eta_2800_calibres}}7)
  • {{wst>template_eta_2890_calibres}}8)
  • {{wst>template_valjoux_7750_calibres}}9)

Tag plugin

All entries must have a tag assignment (Wikimedia: “category”). Tags are separated by blanks; combined names are connected by underscores. There is no difference between lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • {{tag>Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre_AMVOX_models Automotive_watch_brands}}

Please note that in contrast to Mediawiki there are no subcategories. Therefore the former subcategories are separately listed in the portals (i.e. especially here: Watch Knowledge).

BlockQuote plugin


Former Mediawiki tables have been transferred into HTML syntax (the corresponding mediawiki-style plugin in Dokuwiki does not work correctly).

For new tables the dokuwiki syntax, which is much easier, can be used. The last three shortcut symbols in the above edit topbar are functions of the Edittable plugin to simplify the editing.

The following example shows all the intricacies in one table (headers, multi-row and multi-colum10)):

^Calibre^1950s^^^1960s^ ^
^       ^7 ^8 ^9  ^
|1045   |  |  |   |
|       |a |  |   |
| x     |b |  |   |:::||
| :::   |b |  |:::|   ||

Shows as:

7 8
x b


The Pageredirect plugin is used for redirects.

If a page contains ~~REDIRECT>[target page]~~, the redirection11) is performed automatically.

It is recommended to edit the source page like a usual page, with header and optionally with tags12), like in this example, in case that the plugin is deactivated.

====== Parachrom Blu ======
-> [[Parachrom]]
{{tag>Redirect Terms}}

Wiki internal

Wiki management

With optional link
2) , 5)
With optional image sizing in px
With different image subtext.
With different image subtext and sizing in px.
The multiple pipes like ^^^ or ||| create multi-colums, the ::: creates multi-rows.
To [target page]
The tags can be used according to the intention to add also the source lemma in overview lists of the tag.
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