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This Patek Philippe Calatrava 6000 has multiple chapter rings and a track around the small seconds subdial
© Patek Philippe

A chapter ring holds the scale of markers or numerals around a dial. This is sometimes also referred to as a scale or track.


Watches typically have one or more dials containing hands. The value of these pointers is read by comparing their relative location to a chapter ring, scale, or track containing calibrated numerals or other markers.

Most chapter rings contain different types of markers for different hands. A classic watch has 12 numerals at the hour locations, smaller markers for the minutes, and may also have tiny markers for seconds. Some watches lack one or more scale, relying on the viewer to infer their value based on knowledge of where the hands typically fall. A few watches have no chapter ring or markers at all.

When the chapter ring resembles a railroad track or fence it is called a track. The chapter ring can also be contained on a rehaut or bezel.

Retrograde hands and other non-circular pointer designs often have a scale of numerals or markers that do not make up a ring. Power reserve indicators often have a "large to small" triangle scale or simple "ab/auf" indicators.