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The ESA 9162 and similar 9164 and 9210 are tuning fork-based electro-mechanical watch movements from the 1960's. These movements are also referred to as Swissonic 100, Mosaba (Montres Sans Balanciers), Speedsonic (Omega), and Ultronic (Longines).

After designing the famed Accutron 214 movement, Max Hetzel left Bulova to design a similar movement for Ebauches SA. The result was the ESA 9162, introduced in 1969 and used by many famous Swiss watch manufacturers, including Certina, IWC, Longines, Omega, Tissot, and Zenith. The day/date 9164 followed in 1972, and the 9210 was a later chronograph variant. Although well-designed and successful, tuning fork movements fell out of favor as more-accurate and durable quartz movements were introduced through the 1970's.

9210 Chronograph

The ESA 9210 and derivatives were the only tuning fork chronograph movement ever produced. The base movement is identical to the 9162 but a dial-side chronograph module from Dubios-Depraz is added. The module has its own day and date wheels, which rotate smoothly rather than jumping once per day. The complex chronograph module was designed specially for the tuning fork movement and features a vertical clutch for smooth engagement.


  • 9162 - Day
    • Certina 29-151
    • Eterna 1550
    • IWC 150
    • Longines 6312 "Ultronic"
    • Omega 1250 "Speedsonic"
    • Tissot 2010
    • Zenith 50.0
  • 9164 - Day/Date
    • Certina 29-152
    • Eterna 1551
    • IWC 160
    • Longines 6332 "Ultronic"
    • Omega 1260 "Speedsonic"
    • Tissot 2020
    • Zenith 50.5
  • 9210 - Chronograph

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