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Nanofiber is a modern material.

An invention with future prospects

Nanofiber, like all nanomaterials, is a revolutionary new type of material that has been developed only in recent years and will lead to surprising innovations in many industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The individual fibers are so thin that they are not to be seen even under a microscope: It involves filamentous graphite tubes with a diameter of a few nanometers (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter). Thus they are 200 to 500 times thinner than a human hair.

At the same tissues formed from nanofibers are very robust. Nanofibers could be used in the future as new material for the regeneration of bone and cartilage, but also for producing extremely tear-resistant ropes.

Nano carbon fibers are considered to be largely indestructible and are superior to any known material, for example steel. The only disadvantage are the still exorbitant production costs.

Watches with nanofiber material

In the watch sector Nano carbon fiber was used for the first time by Richard Mille at his 2008 launched pocket watch model RM 020 with Tourbillon: here the mainplate of the watch movement is of this material.