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Alfex is a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Ferdinand Gindraux in 1948 founded the watch company Ferex SA in Lugano. Most watches were exported to the United States. The brand was extremely successful; more than 5,000,000 watches were produced in the low-price segment in the late 1960s. The company merged with Economic Swiss Time in Basel; later both merged with the SSIH (Omega and Tissot group).

To the disappointment of the founders of Ferex the support by the SSIH did not meet their expectations, so they decided to go their own way again. Thus Ferex was re-established in 1974 by the former founder Ferdinand Gindraux and longtime colleague Alfa Groza. Paul Perlmutter, who had worked for many years in the United States as a representative, was another partner. Due to the good relations with former clients, the new brand Alfex established within a short time. Because the low price range had largely shifted to the Far East, they needed a new kind of approach. For this purpose, Hans Saurer contributed, who joined the company 1981. He gave the Alfex watches collection a new face, with the focus on design.

Since 1994, the models are being developed in cooperation with famous international designers.

As movements quartz movements by Ronda or mechanical movements by ETA are used. The series of automatic chronographs are equipped with the prestigious Calibre Valjoux 7750, and indeed in a version manufactured specifically for Alfex.


Alfex SA
Via Cantonale, Centro Galleria 3
Case postale 133

6928 Manno
Tel. 091 / 612 22 90
Fax 091 / 612 23 09

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