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Anonimo Marlin Bronze

Anonimo Marlin Bronze
© Anonimo

Marlin Bronze is a dive watch by Anonimo.

Equipped with the unusual case material bronze, this robust and large-sized diving watch is designed for professional use.

The material bronze, which is better known by ship's propellers and diving bells, has hitherto never been used in the watch industry. Bronze, consisting of copper, iron and nickel, offers many advantages. It is corrosion and rust resistant, hardness stable and can be used even under extreme external conditions (high temperatures, acids and other chemical substances). For professional divers and the military, which is equipped with Anonimo watches, that is extremely important.






  • Patented Kodiak leather for dives up to 24 hours in salt water; stainless steel tang-type buckle


  • 5,000 € (2010)

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