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A number of watches have been produced that rotate anticlockwise rather than clockwise.


In 1987, Beuchat launched the Beuchat Envers ACW, perhaps the first anticlockwise watch from a major brand. It used a special-purpose movement produced by France Ebauches.

The spread of anti-clockwise watches in the 1990s was lead by Ronda, with their Cal. 763 R “Return”, which was made for this purpose in 1994.

Juvenia introduced their Contresens in 2001, with large skeleton hands that rotated anti-clockwise. The 2002 Contresens replaced the hour hand with a disc.

The Seiko 6M25 and 6M26 “dancing hands” movement runs clockwise in time and chronograph modes but anti-clockwise for a countdown timer mode.

In 2014, the nation of Bolivia installed an anti-clockwise clock at the National Congress building in La Paz.

In 2016, Klokers introduced the KLOK-01 with three discs rotating anti-clockwise.

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