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Aristo Pilot's Watch ME 109-G10

Aristo Pilot's Watch ME 109-G10

Pilot's Watch ME 109-G10 is a wristwatch by Aristo.

In the series of pilot's watches in the classic style, which the Pforzheim based watch manufacturer Aristo has in his offer, also this model can be found. It is designed in honor of the most produced fighter aircraft in the world, the Messerschmitt Bf 109-G10. With its cannellated bezels above and below, the matching onion crown and the perfectly legible dial the watch exudes a solid value. Its price can only be classified as extremely low.

On the dial there is the inscription “Messerschmitt” and the movement number “Bf. 109-G10 WERK NR 151591 Bg. 1944”, also a picture of the aircraft as technical drawing.






  • Black leather strap with white seam

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