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Atlantic-Watch Production Ltd

Swiss watch manufacturer

In 1888 Eduard Kummer founded in Bettlach, Solothurn, near Grenchen, a watch factory under the name “EKB” (Eduard Kummer Bettlach) for the manufacture of pocket watches. Initially the firm employed 20 watchmakers, but early in the new century, the number of employees rose up to 720 workers.

In the 1920's “EKB” was one of the first producers of waterproof wristwatches. For this reason, the name EKB was altered to Atlantic.

Today, Atlantic offers very inexpensive mechanical watches, with movements by ETA, mainly in the lower price ranges.


Atlantic Watch Ltd
Bündengasse 18
CH-2540 Grenchen

Tel. 032 / 654 58 88
Fax 032 / 654 58 89

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