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Bifora JB-60
© Bifora

Bifora is a German watch manufacturer.

The foundation in 1900

The watch factory Bifora was founded in 1900. Company founder Josef Bidlingmaier succeeded to establish the company as an assured player on the watch market with the quality characteristic “Made in Germany”. As the first German watch manufacturer Bifora was able to produce their own watch movement in series already in 1928. One took also a leading position when in 1951 the first German automatic movement could be presented. A few years later the model “Unima” was launched, which was also available as a chronometer and is coveted today by many collectors and connoisseurs.

In the heyday of the company, between 1960 and early 1970s, Bifora produced watches in Schwäbisch Gmünd with more than 1,000 employees. Thus Bifora was the largest German watch factory at that time.

With the emergence of the quartz era Bifora could not withstand the low-wage competition from Asia. The short-term relocation of production to India could not save the company.

The revival of the brand in 2014

Guided by the idea to bring the brand Bifora back to life, at the beginning of 2011 a small team started the implementation. The Bifora Uhren-Manufaktur GmbH specially established for this purpose intend to revive the tradition and to produce high-quality mechanical watches facing today's requirements.

In November 2014 the JB-60 as the first Bifora watch for 30 years was presented.


Bifora Uhren-Manufaktur GmbH
Office Göppingen
Boller Straße 37

73035 Göppingen

Telefon: +49 7161 8080108
Telefax: +49 7161 8080107

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