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Clock Museum Bad Grund

With its around 1,600 exhibits from 600 years of timekeeping on 800m², the Clock Museum Bad Grund (Uhrenmuseum Bad Grund, Harz) belongs to the most extensive collections in Europe. The individual sections (elementary clocks, wristwatches, pocket watches, Black Forest clocks, electrical clocks, ship clocks, precision clocks and tower clocks) lead from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Biedermeier, Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau up to the fifties and thus present an impressive, lively (many exhibits in function) development of timekeeping.


Family Berger
Elisabethstr. 14

37539 Bad Grund/Harz

Phone/Museum 05327/10 20
Phone/Café 05327/30 06
Fax 05327/42 96

Phone/private 05327/42 96

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