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De Bethune

De Bethune is a high-end Swiss watch brand formed in 2002.


David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet worked together at THA, with Zanetta re-launching L. Leroy there in 1998. After he left in 2002, Zanetta and Flageollet launched the De Bethune brand in La Chaux l'Auberson with the goal of creating a true manufacture.

De Bethune is known for high-tech materials and design, pioneering work in silicon balance springs for accuracy and shock protection.

Under Pierre Jacques

Private equity purchased De Bethune in 2017 under Giovanni Perin and Pierre Jacques became the CEO. Jacques had previously been CEO between 2011 and 2015, and his involvement brought stability and continuity to the brand. Denis Flageollet remained involved, with a major ownership stake, but David Zanetta stepped down and surrendered his shares. Zanetta had stepped back from the brand in 2016 on his 70th birthday.


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