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G-Shock Logo (click to enlarge!)
G-Shock Logo
© G-Shock

G-Shock GST-B300SD-1AER (click to enlarge!)
G-Shock GST-B300SD-1AER
© G-Shock

G-Shock is a watch brand by Casio specializing in fashion trend watches.


In the early 1980s, Kikuo Ibe, the lead watch designer at Casio, came up with the idea of creating an “indestructible watch.” After a two-year test phase, and after continuously optimizing the development of the case and various parts on over 200 prototypes, the first shock-resistant G-SHOCK was launched 1983.

The Triple 10 concept, which served as the benchmark, required a battery life of 10 years, water resistance to 10 bar and shock resistance from a drop of up to 10 meters.

G-Shock watches are equipped with battery-powered quartz movements.


  • 1983: The first G-SHOCK model DW-5000C
  • 1989: Analog/digital model with shockproof construction - AW-500
  • 1992: First digital G-SHOCK with rugged resin case - DW-5900
  • 1993: First original G-SHOCK for divers, which is water resistant up to 200 m - DW-6300
  • 1996: The models of the 5600 series are the first to have an EL backlight - DW-5600E
  • 2001: Model equipped with solar cell to harvest energy from sunlight - GW-200
  • 2002: First Tough Solar powered and radio controlled watch - GW-300
  • 2007: First watch with case made of a combination of resin and titanium with DLC coating - MRG-8000
  • 2008: First radio-controlled model with multi-band 6 technology, altimeter/barometer and temperature sensor - GW-9200
  • 2010: First watch to withstand 15G gravity - GW-3000
  • 2012: Bluetooth makes its way into Casio G-SHOCK - GB-6900
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