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Casio is a world-renowned Japanese corporation and manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, including watches. Casio became best known as a manufacturer of calculators, and later digital watches. The company also produces digital cameras, data and video projectors, point-of-sale systems, musical instruments, and labeling systems.

A well-known sub-brand of Casio is G-Shock, a manufacturer of trendy fashion watches aimed primarily at a youthful audience.


  • 1946: Tadao Kashio (1917-1993) establishes the small electronics company Kashio Seisakujo (engl.: “Kashio plant”) in Mitaka, Tokyo.
  • 1957: Marketing of the world's first compact, all-electric calculator, “Casio 14-A,” begins, and Casio Computer Co. Ltd. is founded.
  • 1978: Introduction of the first watch with an LCD display manufactured by Casio (31-CS10B).
  • 1983: Presentation of the G-SHOCK DW 5000C, the first shock-resistant watch, thus launching the G-Shock watch series.
  • 1985: Presentation of the ultra-thin digital watch PELA.
  • 1994: Presentation of the women's model Baby-G-Shock.
  • 2002: The new G-Shock model “The G” is powered by a solar cell and has the highest accuracy due to a system that receives radio signals of standard time.
  • 2009: The shock-resistant “G-Shock” watches are shipped a total of over 50 million times worldwide.
  • 2014: Introduction of the G-SHOCK GPW-1000, equipped with GPS and standard time signal reception.
  • Casio, official website.
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