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Großmann, Moritz

Karl Moritz Großmann (1826-1885)

Karl Moritz Großmann was a German watch producer.

Karl Moritz Großmann was born on March 27, 1826 in Dresden, the son of a letter sorter. He learned the art of watchmaking from the famous Dresden teacher Johann Christian Friedrich Gutkaes. In 1854 he settled in Glashütte as an independent watchmaker. In addition to his technical skills and accomplishments he was a brilliant theorist who was also famous internationally for writing many works. But the greatest merit he gained by establishing the German Watchmaker School Glashütte. On May 1, 1878, the school could begin with the lessons as establishment of the “Central Association of German watchmakers”.

Karl Moritz Großmann died on 23 Januar 1885 in Leipzig.

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