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H. Barbezat-Bôle

H. Barbezat-Bôle was a maker of complicated watches in Le Locle from the 19th century through 1928, after which they were merged with Paul Buhré to become Paul Buhré et H. Barbezat-Bôle S.A. The brand ceased to be used after World War II.

H. Barbezat-Bôle was located on Rue du France 1 and 5 in Le Locle by 1886. The company was known for complicated pocket watches, especially repeaters, and grand sonneries. H. Barbezat-Bôle had a patented design for a minute repeater with four hammers (Brevet 11948) and also produced carillons with Westminster chimes. By 1908, H. Barbezat-Bôle was also producing ultra-thin watches, and these signature products would continue until the Depression. By 1916 the company had relocated to Rue de la Côte.

In 1923, H. Barbezat-Bôle won four best chronometer prizes at the Centenaire Breguet for serially-produced watches. By then H. Barbezat-Bôle had also opened a showroom in New York at 105 West 40th St.

H. Barbezat-Bôle merged with another high-end Le Locle watchmaker, Paul Buhré, in 1928. The combined company was a leader in complicated watchmaking in the town through the 1940s as Paul Buhré et H. Barbezat-Bôle S.A. with offices on Rue Beau-Site next to the Tissot factory. The H. Barbezat-Bôle brand was not used after World War II, however, and the firm became simply Manufacture des Montres Paul Buhré S.A.

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